Types Of Roofs

There are many types of roofs throughout the world, but here in the UK there are mainly 5 types of roof systems that we are interested in. With the great British weather we need to ensure that roof systems are robust here in the northern European countries as opposed to the mediterranean countries where it doesn’t rain as much and aren’t subjected to frequent battering by the winds.

So here we discuss the 5 types of roof systems and designs you need to know about in the UK.

There is no such thing as a totally flat roof, to the naked eye a flat roof will look flat, but really they are all slightly angled to drain the rain water away into downpipes and gutter systems that will flow down the property away to drainage.

Properties that have flat roofs are either modern and contemporary properties or they may have had home extensions fitted and gone for the flat EPDM rubber roof which is durable, looks clean and minimal and will resilient against the wind and rain.

The 5 major roof types

1.       Gambrel—More like resembling a Dutch roof or a barn, a gambrel roof is a two-sided symmetrical type. On each side are two slopes, the lower lope having a steep angle, and the upper slope is shallow.

2.       Mansard—Often confused with gambrel, the mansard roof type also has a double pitch. In contrast to the gambrel, the mansard has four sides, but similar on having both a steep and lower slopes. Mansard roofs are more commonly called French roofs because the shape took the name of Francois Mansart, a French architect.

3.       Gable—The most popular and typical roof type in the cold climate regions is the gable roof. Forming the inverted V shape, the gable roof has steep angles but can slope to at least 15 degrees. The peak or the highest edge where the horizontal planes meet is called a gable. Georgian-type homes use gabled roofs. With a slope steep enough to let rainwater run through, the gable is the best against wind and snow.

4.       Hip—If you can imagine what a pyramid looks like, you are thinking about a hip roof. The hip has four equal sides which meet at the top, forming the ridge. Having no vertical ends, the hip roof also looks like a pavilion. The aerodynamic feature of the hip roof makes it more formidable and good protection against wind and snow.

5.       Shed—a mono-pitched roof, the shed type requires only one gutter. The shed type is the simplest and the easiest to build among roof projects. Also called lean-to roof, or pent roof, the shed type has a single slope and roof surface.

Here in the UK, you want to ensure that your roof is checked and maintained annually and fixes done to ensure that any broken tiles or slates are replaced not leading to huge roof repair bills in the future.

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All roof types are primarily to keep you warm and safe from any environmental hazard. As part of a building envelope, roofing is very crucial in any construction as the integrity of the whole shelter will be compromised of the roof materials are not up to standards. More importantly, a roof should have proper insulation to keep the temperature inside and outside of the building controlled.

Architects and roofers have a better understanding of the most appropriate kind of roofing should be installed over your home or building. Their creative and aesthetic wisdom can show innovativeness on the perfect roof you need while not compromising material quality, costs, and human safety.

Our team of quality roofers in Derby install roofs, repair roofs as well as all the fascias and soffits for your home. You need to know your roof will look great externally but keep the heat in and rain away when required.


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