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Quality installers of rubber roof solutions and flat roofs throughout Northamptonshire

We are the flat roof specialists for Northampton, specialising in all aspects of flat roofing systems and rubber roofing.

You can be assured of quality and service for your flat roof repair from our highly skilled installers. We boast 30 years experience in all aspects of industrial glass fibre roofing, moulding and laminating – all leading to a best-in-class approach to flat roof repair. We can install all types of rubber roofing (EPDM) throughout Northamptonshire as well as advise on best installation and repairs.

We also specialise in rubber roofing and fibre glass roofing and guarantee best prices for like for like quotes throughout Northampton

flat roof completed in Northampton EPDM

Flat Roof Installation Northampton

Flat Roof Replaced in Northampton with EPDM

Flat GRP Roof Fitted To A Home in Northampton

We were called out to fit a flat roof to a home that had had a kitchen extension, rather than the tiled roof they opted for our high quality rubber roof system which is much more affordable.

EPDM Rubber Roof System Installed Northampton

Another home extension in Northmapton, this time the roof required more attention to match the contours of the design. We installed the rubber roof, fascias and soffits throughout.

Flat Roof Installed & Insulated

Another example of a quality flat roof repaired and fitted in Northampton by our team of specialists EPDM roofers.

A Flat Roof Installed in Corby

A customer had a home extension built in Corby recently, we installed this EPDM flat rubber flat roof along with the guttering and downpipe solutions.

Flat EPMD Roof Fitted in Northampton

Transformation of this flat roof from corrugated that was leaking through to the brand new flat EPMD roof. This will last for years and give the customer assurance they won’t have to upgrade for a long time.

Tranformation of EPMD Roof System Northampton Home

Another home extension roof transformed to EPMD and fully guaranteed by Northamptonshire Roofing.

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New roofs and roof installations in Northampton Areas

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Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs & Re-Roofing for tired and old roofs.

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Flat Roofs

Garage roofs, felt roofs & fibre glass roofs fitted & repaired

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